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"Timber Timbre" by Julie McLaughlin
“Timber Timbre” by Julie McLaughlin

It’s been a slow going month of sickness/catching up from sickness since Live!Stock 09, though here are some photos of the show at long last.  Huge, wholehearted thanks to everyone who put so much into making the show happen.  Ryan, Meaghan & Joey did most of the printing & it was a huge, huge amount of labour.  They deserve many thanks for doing much more than was asked of them – the whole show was

40 screens give or take, 700 sheets of stock, over 8 litres of inks & some 2100 pulls of the squeegee over the course of the month, as well as a huge learning curve.

We couldn’t have been happier with the results though & the amazing artwork we had to work with.  Thanks to Amy, Christine, Evan & Shawn for their help in printing, organizing, distributing & tabling throughout the festival as well.  The folks at Rifflandia mounted a huge sold-out festival this year & we were happy to be a part of it & so well received.

"Final Fantasy" by Shawn O'Keefe

"Buck 65" by Ryan Thompson

"Acres of Lions" by Joey MacDonald

"Johnny & the Moon" by Trevor Basset

"Tegan & Sara" by Evan Pine

"Cuff the Duke" by Michael DeForge

"Cuff the Duke" by Michael DeForge

"Pink Mountaintops" by Travis Bone

"Holy Fuck" by Meaghan MacDonald

"Beach House" by Brandon Velestuk

I think we’ve got another year in us yet, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us about next year before we do you.

Now we get our weekends & evenings back!

See the LiveStock 09 Flickr page for full photos.

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