03.20.10.GO Opens 03.20.10

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03.20.10 • Opens March 20th

To celebrate  an exciting and grueling first year, the Olio Cooperative are honored to host this group exhibition featuring some of the amazing people whose enormous efforts have made a second year possible.  As the name suggests, 03.20.10.GO opens on the first day of a packed second year with artwork by members Luke Ramsey, Shawn O’Keefe, Ryan Thompson, Calvin Coles, Joey MacDonald, Meaghan MacDonald and Alexander Carmichael.

The exhibition is comprised of works generously donated by the artists with proceeds going towards one of the year’s largest local art developments, the Fisgard Mural Concern.  The Fisgard Mural Concern is an initiative to transform the concrete exterior of 614 Fisgard into downtown Victoria’s largest mural & contemporary art piece.  For more information on the mural, please visit oliocooperative.ca.

Opening reception for 03.20.10.GO is SATURDAY, MARCH 20th at the Olio Cooperative • 8:00pm • Donations Appreciated

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