Mural Update

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Fisgard Mural Concern
It’s been a long while – feels like an eternity – since we’ve sent out a progress report on the mural.  It’s been a few months of meetings with various sects within the City of Victoria, an endless procession of committees, sub-committees, community groups and friends of friends – though progress persists.  The paint date is set as the first week of September, which we are striving to maintain.  The mural goes before City Council a second time on the 22nd of this month, which should decide with some certainty whether they will let us proceed or not.  It could really go either way, though at worst we rework the artwork & timeline, and at best we go full steam this August & September.

Thanks very much to everyone for their support so far!  It has been a huge challenge, though we wouldn’t have asked for anything less.  The Lee’s Benevolent, Chinatown’s community groups & City have been hugely supportive & respectful, which has made all the hoop-jumping a great deal more enjoyable.  Fingers crossed!

You can take a look at the thorough Project Outline here:
It contains the proposed plans, budget, timeline, artist profiles and support letters we’ve received.  The donations website launches soon, though in the meanwhile please feel free to help the project with a donation by clicking the button below:

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