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Live!Stock 3 • Submissions Open
Thanks to a huge response, the third Live!Stock poster exhibition will be the best by far.  The artist roster is comfortably stacked with the very best poster artists working locally & we’re hugely excited to print their work.  Artists & their posters are:

Margaret Hanson – Lee Ronaldo
Matt Salik – Great Lake Swimmers
Shawn O’Keefe – Tommy Guerrero
Carlin Bennett – Gaslight Killer
Sean Brookes – Aesop Rock
Meaghan MacDonald – Chad VanGalen
Joey MacDonald – Gord Downie
Jesse Ladret – Chali 2na
Chris Campbell – the Dodos
Luke Ramsey – Frog Eyes
Caitlin Gallupe – TBD
Evan Pine – Hot Hot Heat
Ryan Thompson – TBD

Opening reception for LIVE!STOCK is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th at the Olio Cooperative • 8:00pm • Donations Appreciated

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