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This holiday, remember that propagation of information and development of one’s faculties are sexy gifts.  Gift certificates are now available in $15, $50 & $95 increments, and come on a lovely hand printed card.  $15 can cover a companion’s membership, $50 gives them some cozy studio time & $95 can get them registered in a screenprinting course.  $150 can pay their membership for the entire year, so they would only need to pay $5/hr for any studio time used.  What’s more, skills and information can be re-gifted indefinitely.

OR SPONSOR SOMEONE We leave room in our classes for anyone who can’t tackle the fee for whatever reason.  We love doing it and would really like to do it more, though class sizes are very limited.  If you can afford it and would like to give someone a chance, consider sponsoring someone else’s workshop spot or studio time.  It can be someone you know, or know of, or we can give the spot to someone we know who could put it to good use.  It works.

For either of the above, email us or drop by the studio 12-6 Tues-Sat.  Have a lovely holiday!

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