Membership at the Olio Cooperative includes 24/7 access to the studio and use of its full screenprinting facilities, including equipment, chemicals, tools and supplies for printing (other costs may apply).  What’s more, it costs less than a carpet cleaner rental, or even replacing your emulsion covered shower curtain.  It’s a unique opportunity for anyone with skills but no space, equipment or supplies.

HIX 6 colour/4 station press w/side clamps & micro registration

Hix are excellent presses & we’re pretty excited to be housing this 6/4 t-shirt press.  Has side clamps & micro registration and holds registration very well.  These machines perform well in commercial shops and can be reliably used for longer runs of shirts.


4 Colour / 1 Station Mobile Press

Olio recently picked up this little gem – a mobile 4 colour t-shirt press, available for off-site printing and rentals.  We’ve managed to get lots of use out of it so far, showing it off at craft fairs, conventions & such.  Available to members on a daily rate – emails for inquiries.


Flastock Vacuum Tables
Prints up to 22×35″ stock
Excellent flatstock printing tables capable of producing beautiful, crisp prints with excellent registration.  Uses 3-point registration tabs & supports screens up to 32×40″.


RegisterMate Large-Format Vacuum UV Exposure Unit
Exposes screens up to 32×40″ in just over a minute.  The vacuum can be tricky to use, but makes for perfectly exposed large-format screens.

Lancer Exposure Lamp
Supports images up to 18×24″, including posters, print & shirts.

Flatstock Drying Rack

50 racks with a maximum capacity of 100 20×30″ prints or 150 13×19″ prints.

Washout booth w/Pressure Washer
Supports screens up to 32×40″.  Emulsion remover, degreaser, plastisol remover & spot cleaning gun on hand.b



We got lots.  Screens are pre-prepped & ready to go.  Sizes range from 20×20″ for t-shirts to 32×40″ for larger prints, wood or aluminum frames, mesh ranges from 160 to 350.

Squeegees & Scoop Coaters
Squeegees  – 3″-26″, wood handled, 70-80 durometer.
Scoop coaters – 13″, 19″, 22″ & 26″.
Epson 7600 24" Giclee printer
Epson 7600 Giclee Printer

This beautiful colour giclee printer (w/pigment cartridges) prints 24″ wide up to any length on an array of substrates.  Makes sharp films with great density.
Film + output is $20.00/film for up to 18×24″.

She’s a beaut.blah

Canon i9900 Film Printer

Prints up to 13×19″ films, converted to print super black for optimal film output.
Film + output is $5.00/film for up to 13×19″.

HP1215 Colour Laser
Typically for button printing, though can be used for anything really. Button sheet printing is $2/sheet on specialty stock and makes 48 1″ buttons.

Button Presses – 1″, 1.5″ & 2.25″

Members get access to our 3 round button presses, as well as wholesale parts ($11/100 sets for 1″) and colour printer and stock for printing inserts.
Regular hourly studio time rates apply when pressing in the studio, or presses can be rented for $30/day.